IPPM formalized an Investment Project under the SI Product Innovation – Accelerator in the Notice 19/2016. With the approval and eligibility of the Investments, IPPM’s underlying intention is to make a qualitative and quantitative leap in its business unit, assuming an increase in its productive capacity with the integration of new skills and techniques that will contribute to increase its competitiveness. The dynamics of direct exportation is also one of the objectives associated with this Investment. For the achievement of a set of Investments of about 731.703 euros (seven hundred and thirty one thousand and seven hundred and three euros), it has a contracted Incentive by FEDER and of a repayable nature of 512.192, 10 euros (five hundred and twelve thousand, one hundred and ninety-two euros and ten cents), which reveals a 70% reimbursement rate. The execution period, has as its start date 09-16-2016 and its end date on 09-15-2017.